libmath64 is SAS/C math linklib with 64-bit support. Useful if your project needs 64-bit aware math functions as SAS/C doesn’t supply those natively. It supports 68020+ processors.

– qtod(): QWORD to double conversion
– uqtoud(): UQWORD to double conversion
– q_add(): QWORD addition
– q_sub(): QWORD substraction
– q_div(): QWORD division
– q_divu(): UQWORD division
– q_div64(): QWORD division with 64-bit result
– q_divu64(): UQWORD division with 64-bit result
– q_mod(): QWORD modulo
– q_modu(): UQWORD modulo
– q_mulu(): ULONG multiplication with 64-bit result

– q_div020(): hardware QWORD division
– q_divu020(): hardware UQWORD division
– q_mod020(): hardware QWORD modulo
– q_mul020(): hardware UQWORD modulo

Download libmath64.