Discover our software and operating system work.


  • Submarine Reader: an engine to fetch articles from a wordpress-enabled site
  • AutoConnect: an app to make automatic wifi connections
  • stuntzurl: an app to open .URL files (Internet Explorer bookmarks)
  • I’m sleeping: an app to automatically put the phone into silent mode
  • GVApp: Android version of the Geneva Airport‘s official application (version 1)




  • Ambient: an open source desktop similar to the Workbench or Directory Opus
  • DiskState: a tool to detect an invalidated partition
  • libmath64: 64-bit math library for SAS/C
  • Microdot 2: a mail user agent
  • Voyager: a web browser
  • VFlash: a Flash player plugin for Voyager
  • ZBlank: a simple screen blanker
  • zvnc: a lightweight, display-less VNC client

Operating Systems

  • CaOS: an AmigaOS-like operating system written for embedded devices
  • MorphOS: an AmigaOS-like operating system written for PPC desktop devices