Submarine Reader

The Submarine Reader engine is used to build an Android application that can display posts from any WordPress-enabled website.

From the web to the app


  • synchronization: your content is always up to date
  • offline reading: no connection needed. Especially useful to read long articles while in a plane or commuting
  • supports any WordPress-enabled website out of the box. No plugin or extension needed
  • videos and embedded content support (requires online connectivity at the time of access)
  • landscape mode
  • tablet ready
  • favorite support: bookmark the articles you like the most
  • open source (GPL, proprietary license available on request)


Example of an article


See an example of Submarine Reader by trying this app on the Play Store.


Submitting code requires signing a Contributor License Agreement. Once this is done, you can send your patches by email. A bug report interface is available here.

To get the source, simply type:

git clone git://