Don’t use is a site that wants to be the eBay of Switzerland but it fails majorly.

First, it has a stupid name. Ricardo? Anyway, this is how the site works.

You first open an account by telling your name, address, phone and sending a picture of your ID card. Fair enough. I created an account because I wanted to buy a used GPU.

So I started bidding for some auctions. The first thing you can notice is that they have some auto bidding bot feature (it automatically outbids you), which is annoying and artificially inflates the prices.

After about 2 weeks, they banned my account without explanations. I read their terms and conditions and there was nothing. The things to note is that I didn’t buy anything (someone always outbid me) and I didn’t sell anything either. I didn’t fake any of my information.

I submitted a complaint and after one week, some Indian support guy (they’re supposedly a Swiss company but have to outsource their support, of course) answered that they did this for “security reasons” but they can unlock my account if I submit an attestation of residence (which costs money). This is ridiculous.

Anyway, use instead. It’s only in German but there’s no such problems with them.

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