Ibiza 2006

So there, I’m back from Ibiza again (went twice this year) and as the plane’s cabin chief member said: “Welcome back to Geneva and to reality” it’s time to get back to reality.

As usual it was wonderful, if one likes clubbing I guess.. So which were the coolest parties to go to?

meganite by Mauro Picotto each wednesday in Privilege which is supposed to be the biggest club in the world. Actually it can hold about 10000 people but most of the time they make it smaller by closing extra areas which don’t really make it the biggest club in the end. Who cares, the meganite sessions by Mauro Picotto and the other DJs was great and that’s what count. The club also has a cool outdoor area when you can chill out and meet people. They should just add a bit more seats. Entry price was decent.

Next there was Armin van Buuren and its Armada crew each tuesday at Amnesia. Those were wonderful and Armin was doing great sets as usual. Entry price was decent as well. The only problem in the Amnesia is that the chill out zone is quite small so you might not be able to sit down, and the main hall is smaller than the “terrace” one which is weird. They definitely should extend the main hall. Thankfully the Armada nights weren’t overcrowded.

Also at the Amnesia there were the Cream parties each thursday. Great stuff too but quite clearly overcrowded, especially the last one were I ended up leaving the main hall for a while. Far too many people..

Had 2 parties at Space, one of which sucked (Gorgeous). We were 3 people dancing in the electro room! And the main room had sucky music. I think it was the first time I left before the closure. The other party (We Love Space) was much better. Starts at 8 in the morning and continues until the next night, 7 in the morning or so (I forgot :)). The club is huge but one area still managed to get overcrowded. At least you can still chill out upstairs and on the entry room. Definitely one of the best club around, it could do with a few lasers which are lacking (only Amnesia has one I think).

Next is El Divino and the Azuli party which was okish. The club could be much better if they would shut down that silly “VIP” zone with 5 people in them. They have a great location with a beautiful view of the sea and the inside is good albeit a bit small. The music was great even though the DJs seemed to have problems with the Scratch live software crashing. Good that I use Final Scratch myself 🙂

Finally went to Eden which is a smaller club that I quite like nevertheless. There’s a great chill out area upstairs with beds and one of the room features the astonishing ElectricSex theme with Andy G and Ryan O’Gorman.

Oh and of course there was Bora Bora in Playa d’En Bossa. Great stuff.

I also managed to go a few times to the beaches and even enjoy the sun a bit, and not from only watching the sun rising as I was coming back from clubbing to crash into bed 🙂

The food sucked bigtime. I only know of 2 good restaurants in San Antonio (one in front of the Escalo Playa and the other being Kanya). We completely failed to find a descent one in Playa d’En Bossa. Why do they all cater for that silly kind of premade food? I just don’t get it.

I’m more tired now than I was when I flew there, strange isn’t it? Not really, this is Ibiza after all. Definitely going there again next year.