Grand Theft Auto 3 Rise FM remastered version


Which is the best in the GTA serie? The last GTA4? GTA: San Andrea? Vice City?

No, it’s GTA3 because it contains the Rise FM music station! The best radio station in the serie, by far. Unfortunately the PC version uses the track from the PlayStation 2 which has a mediocre quality (4-bit IMA ADPCM, 32 KHz) and doesn’t do justice to the mix, which is why, I did a remastering from scratch.

Download the RiseFM mp3

The original was mixed by Terry Donovan. The tracklist is as follows:

  • Chris Walsh & Dave Beran – Shake (Revolt Clogrock Remix)
  • Shiver – Deep Time
  • R.R.D.S. – Innerbattle
  • Slyder – Score (Original Mix)
  • Slyder – Neo (The One)
  • Chris Walsh & Dave Beran – Shake (Revolt Clogrock Remix) (yep, again)

The remix is as close as possible as the original, the only notable difference being that unfortunately I wasn’t able to get hold of Andre The Accelerator so his voice is missing.