The joke called DVB-T

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You can’t stop progress. When TV switched from Black & White to Color it was amazing. Now that the TVs are switching from analogic to digital transmission, a major step is done. See the following comparison:

Analog DVB-T
Resolution 720×576 720×576
Digital sound yes yes
Progressive (no interlacing) no no
Works with all antennas yes no
Reception with low signal yes no
Free MPEG image artifacts no yes
Channel switching delay none 2 seconds
Station transmission delay none 5 seconds

As you can see, DVB-T is clearly superior. You can’t stop progress.

2 Replies to “The joke called DVB-T”

  1. Avant y’avait le télétexte. Maintenant y’a le télétexte contributif, teletexte 2.0 pour les personnes qui ne maitrisent que la TV.


  2. the switching time depends on the decoder – not the standard…

    However there are a lot of shitty decoders out there.

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