Armin van Buuren at She Discoteca, again

Armin van Buuren

So there I was again on the 5th of December to see Armin mixing at She Discoteca in Vilassar de Mar.

For the review, just read the previous one I did last year. It’s almost exactly the same except it took place on a cold night of December, but the place was just as crowded. Warmup was done by Blake Jarrell and was quite good. Armin showed up at 3:00, just like last year but this time he started with more punch. It was closer to hard trance than trance. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood. A funny thing is that the visuals were synchronized to the music as you can see on the video (Sharon den Adel singing in In and Out of Love). Pretty neat VJ feature.

I didn’t check the hip hop room this year. Why people would go in that room when there’s such an event is beyond me 🙂

Here’s the video I took and edited to give an idea of the whole event. The sound is not perfect, blame Nokia.

The party ended at 6:00. And that damn train again on the way back.