Crysis 2 QuickSave Mod

Crysis 2 is a great game. Outstanding graphics, fast dynamic rendering, good sound effects, advanced AI, etc.. Then someone at Crytek decided to remove quick saving at the last minute before releasing the game, making it annoying to play.

Which is why I did a quicksave mod. You can download theĀ Crysis 2 quicksave mod.

To install, simply unpack the .zip into your Crysis 2\Mods folder.

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  1. Great mod! Thank you so much! Just one problem – you left out Central Park (the very last level). Le sigh.

  2. This is uberly highly-excellent and saved me about 30 hours of aggravation. Thanks so much!

    Do you plan on making one for Central Park as well? That’s kinda the hardest level!

  3. It works. The problem is that you have to save the levels folder and replace the original in the folder gamecrysys2. Change the original to _levels and copy the one in the folder in here, and thats it, with F5 you can save whenever you want.

  4. Yes, PLEASE create a level save for CentralPark! The only other QuickSave Mod I have found is in QualityMod, and I don’t like the DOF features that it is based on. It boggles the mind that something as conceptually simple as this, hasn’t been fully implemented in a Mod – just a Save/Load feature.

    The problem with virtually every game today, is in the DESIGN – great eye-candy now, but there is a significant lack of skill present in the design portions. Clearly it would be nice to know WHO at CryTek decided that it would be a good decision to remove the Save/Load functionality – because they should never be allowed to make any decisions like that in the future.

  5. Hi,

    Just tried out your mod and it’s fantastic! Thanks alot. I have one concern though. I also had to replace the original Levels directory with yours. But I noticed the original one had more stuff under each level dir than yours does. All you have is a level.pak under each level dir. The originals have Minimap dir, xml files, terraintexture.pak, and others. I have the latest version with the dx11 ultra and hi-res textures. So just wondering if I lose anything from the original?

    Thanks again!

  6. Thank you so much for this quicksave mod it works great.
    In reply to Jimmy Fan above and anyone else unsure how to use this mod, you just replace the original “level.pak” file in each level folder with the modded “level.pak” file, you don’t copy/replace the original levels folder with the modded folder which only has the “level.pak” file in it, you just replace the “level.pak” file and leave all the other original files in there.
    It’s such a brilliant game but has some annoyingly common flaws but thanks to you guys the save issue is sorted, thanks again.

  7. For anyone having trouble installing this, perhaps you’re just new to Crysis 2 mods, like I am. Once you’ve unpacked into the Mods folder (which sits in your “Crysis 2” or “Crysis 2 Game of the Year” folder (steam users, look under your steams install folder in SteamApps\Common for this folder), you need to activate the mod in the game, using the Mods menu item at the starting menu. The game will restart and the mod will be installed. Create the Mods folder if it doesn’t exist, so, for example, if you have Steam installed at D:\games\Steam, you would create the folder “D:\games\steam\SteamApps\common\Crysis 2 Game of the Year\Mods” if it’s missing and unpack the archive under there.

    Thanks so much for this mod — the checkpoint-to-save system really sucks if you only have small amounts of time to play the game.

  8. More of a quickcheckpoint mod than a quicksave mod. Works still.

  9. The quicksave function works, but my objective list is gone and I cannot see which collectibles I have already collected or need to collect.

  10. Thank you. Works great. Creates a check point.
    Create Mods folder in the Crysis 2 folder.
    Extract zip file there.
    Run mod at Crysis 2 start screen.
    No need to copy level files.
    Note: Do not hold down the Function (fn) key when hitting f5.

  11. my game doesn’t allow saving of mods.

    Is it because I downloaded it from torrents?

    please help

    stuck at the same place for a week!!!!

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